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All You Need to Know about Coffee Machine Cleaning

Proper maintenance of a coffee machine entails cleaning it and a majority of people dread this work because they think it is tedious and time consuming. During coffee making, the machine’s different parts are not only stained by coffee, but also germs. Proper cleaning and maintaining of the machine is essential to ensure its excellent working condition and you also get value for your investment. In this condition, you will realize that the quality of coffee that it produces depreciates and in a business set up, you will lose clients. Ordinary cleaning might not help but you need to use special tools for cleaning coffee makers. Unlike in the past, nowadays, you can find different types of cleaning tools from the many coffee tool shops available. Having the tools might not be of much help if you do not know how to use them and here is a brief guide on coffee machine cleaning.

Rinse the coffee machine before and after every use. Rinsing is mandatory in every cleaning and in cleaning coffee machine, it is not different. However, here, you will not rinse using water only but hot soapy water. As you rinse the coffee machine, focus on area that might have leftovers and this takes a short time.

Plan thorough cleaning. Even though rinsing is a regular activity, it is not adequate to remove all the dirt and germs and therefore, thorough cleaning is necessary. A traditional coffee machine is not as complex as an espresso machine and thus, you can have a deep clean once every six months. An espresso machine requires regular cleaning because it has different components which can gather dust fast and thus, you should clean it weekly.

Use the right equipment to clean. Cleaning a coffee machine is time consuming if you do not have the right tools. Instead of improvising cleaning tools which might not be effective, purchase cleaning brushes from one of the reputable shops around or online. Popular tools for cleaning coffee machines are steam wanda, group head bruch, grindminder and rollster.

Invest in an ideal cleaning detergent. Coffee has one of the toughest stains which some local detergents cannot remove. If you use the ordinary detergents for cleaning, you will realize that your coffee machine will discolor over time. Soaking the coffee machine in solution containing coffee stain detergent will eliminate the stain and all other germs. It is a backflush and soaking detergent known to eliminate stains and germs from the coffee machines.

By now, you have probably realized that it is not a hassle to clean your coffee machine if you have the right cleaning products. If they are not available at stores near you, you can search them on the internet where you will find reputable online coffee tool shops. Look for affordable cleaning products but do not accept poor quality products. Get more clues about select the best cleaning tools by reading online reviews.

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